feed milling

Conveyor and elevator routing countrol systems

Grain & meal handling, bulk storage & treatment control systems. Conveyor & elevator control panels. Grain driers, grain storage systems & automated crop handling systems. Crop grading and cleaning control panels. Grinder control panels, including automated grinder feeder controllers. Elevator bearing temperaure and rotation monitoring systems. Automation weighing, blending and mixing PLC control systems with extensive logging and audit functions.

Complete feed mill electrical design & installation to BS7671:2008 (2011). We design the complete electical system, from HV transformer sizing, cabling, through to the control panels, the motors right down to the last light bulb. 

feedmill design and installtion
Windows 7 PC custom control system

Auto optimised pelleting press control systems with full data logging and audit trail traceability. PC/PLC weighing, blending & mixing systems designed & installed. Tufts & Whitton’s press control system measures meal temperature, molasses flow and motor load. Using these variables the system automatically increases steam and meal feed rate to achieve maximum press throughput without blocking.